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As mentioned earlier, the Employee-ID and Employee-Number attributes are already in the schema. The Employee-Number attribute should already be linked to the user class. To use the SSN and Employee-ID attributes, you must link them to the user class. The following steps extend the user class to store the Employee-ID and SSN attributes:

  1. With the Schema console open, expand the Classes node in the left pane. Type U to jump to the user class.

  2. Right-click the user class object and select Properties. The user Properties dialog box opens.

  3. Click the Attributes tab and then click the Add button. A Select Schema Object dialog box appears.

  4. Type E to select the eFSPolicy attribute. Just below that attribute are the employeeID and employeeNumber attributes. Select the employeeID attribute and click OK. The employeeID attribute is added to the list of Optional attributes, as shown in Figure 6. The employeeNumber attribute should already be in the list; if it isn't, use the procedure you just learned to add it.

  5. Figure 06Figure 6 Extending the user class.

  6. Repeat the technique in steps 3–4, but type S and then scroll down to find, select, and add the SSN attribute.

  7. Click OK to close the user Properties dialog box.

Now you know how to extend the user class and add attributes to the Active Directory schema. Of course, none of this will do you any good unless you have an application that will make use of these new attributes. That's what the following sections are all about.

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