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4.9 Viewing Recent and Current Logins

All UNIX systems keep track of recent logins made by users using SSH, telnet, or at the console. Some also track FTP logins as well. You can display recent user logins that include the date, time, and source address by following these steps:

  1. Below the lists of users and groups, enter the username of the one you want to track into the Display logins by field, and click the button. If you want to see logins by ALL users, just leave the field blank.

  2. A page listing recent logins by the user or users will be displayed. The list may not cover all logins from the date your system was first installed, as many operating systems automatically truncate the log file periodically in order to save disk space.

It is also possible to display a list of users who are currently logged in by clicking the Logged In Users button below the lists of users and groups. If a user is logged in graphically at the console, he may be listed multiple times—once for each shell window he has open.

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