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4.6 Creating a New Group

A new UNIX group can be added by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Create a new group link at the top or bottom of the existing list of groups. A form for entering the details of the group will appear, as shown in Figure 4.6.

    04fig06.jpgFigure 4.6. The group creation form.

  2. Choose a name for the new group, and enter it into the Group name field. The name must not be used by any other group, and should be short and contain no spaces.

  3. The Group ID field should be left alone, as it is automatically determined by Webmin. If for some reason you change it, make sure that it is not the same as any existing group's ID.

  4. The Password field can be ignored, as group passwords are never used.

  5. In the Members field, enter the names of any existing users that you want included in this group. You can use the button to the left of the field to pop up a selection window of all existing users.

  6. Click the Create button to have Webmin create the new group. Once it is complete, you will be returned to the lists of users and groups.

Once the new group has been created, you can edit users to make it their primary group or one of their secondary groups.

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