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Right-clicking the final show in the Apreso Workspace shows the next set of options (see Figure 5). You can distribute your show in several ways:

  • Save the HTML main page and supporting file folder locally (good for backup and testing).

  • Post a version to the Anystream server for streaming access by your prospective audience.


This hosting service is provided at a cost.

  • Post the HTML file and supporting folders to another server (this may not enable streaming).

  • Send the entire file to a recipient as a compressed zip folder email attachment. This is a great technique if both of you have broadband or you select a lower-bandwidth version of the file to create.

  • Burn the presentation file to a CD.

Figure 5Figure 5 Using the Apreso Workplace, you can publish the file locally or to a remote server, including one hosted by Anystream.

If you send the file to the Anystream server, the process may take a few minutes, depending on file size, and then you receive an email message with links to the presentation (see Figure 6). You can send these Apreso links to the intended audience via email, directing the user where to view the presentation online. It will stream from the Anystream site at a bit rate commensurate with the user's bandwidth. You can also post this link on your own web site, enabling visitors to click to see the same narrated presentation.

Figure 6Figure 6 You can forward the email links to your presentation, or cut-and-paste them into your own email messages.

It takes a bit of familiarity and testing to select the right compression for your audience, but generally the process is no more complicated than setting up a webcam and then presenting your show to a live audience.

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