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Importing Bitmap Graphics

Even though Flash is a vector-based application, you can still import and work with bitmap graphics. When a graphic is inside Flash, it becomes an element that is editable. You can animate the bitmap, skew it, scale it, distort it, break it apart, and even convert it into vectors. It's very common in development to combine artwork created in Flash with artwork created in other vector programs, such as Illustrator or FreeHand, but also with images created in bitmap applications, such as Photoshop or Fireworks. And now, Flash MX 2004 supports the importing of Illustrator 10 files as well as PDF files.

Importing a Bitmap Graphic

Here are the steps to follow to import a bitmap graphic:

  1. Choose File, Import to open the Import dialog box.

  2. On Windows and Mac OS X, highlight the file and click the Open button.

The bitmap will now show up on the stage. At this point, you can manipulate the graphic in any way. There are a few different things we can do with this graphic. In the next exercise, we're going to take steps to use this bitmap as a fill color, and we're also going to select portions of the image and delete them. To select these different portions, we're going to use the Lasso tool.

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