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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Working with People

There are several commands for checking to see who is on the computer and what they are doing.

The finger command shows who is on the computer and provides additional information, including how long their session has been idle, and their contact information.

$ finger
Login    Name        TTY Idle  When  Bldg.     Phone
dhu   Dick Hu       *p6 4:25 Thu 14:12 4th Floor   ext 2214
mchung  Michael Chung    *con 5:07 Fri 09:57 OS Support  ext 1101
bgill  Biringer Gill    *p7  15 Fri 13:32

Some versions of Linux no longer include finger because of security concerns over finger's .plan files. Read the finger manual page for more information.

There are several other commands with similar functions. The users command shows a list of login names.

$ users
bgill dhu mchung

The who command shows who is on the computer, which connection they are using, and when they signed on.

$ who
dhu    ttyp6    Mar 29 14:12
mchung   console   Apr 6 09:57
bgill   ttyp7    Apr 6 13:32

The w command provides even more information, including system statistics and what the users are currently running.

$ w
 3:18pm up 9 days, 20:33, 3 users, load average: 0.64, 0.66, 0.64
User   tty      login@ idle  JCPU  PCPU what
dhu   ttyp6     2:12pm 4:28  8:01  8:01 csh
mchung  console    9:57am 5:10        sh
bgill  ttyp7     1:32pm  19        bash
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