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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Viewing sample reports

BIRT Report Designer includes many sample reports that you can open to review how various product features are implemented. These sample reports access data from the sample database, Classic Models, that ships with BIRT Report Designer, so you can run the reports and view them with actual data. The sample reports are grouped by feature and common report types, and they are accessible through two views called Chart Examples and Report Examples.

How to access the sample reports

  1. Choose Window rarrd.jpg Show View rarrd.jpgOther.
  2. In Show View, expand Report and Chart Design. The Chart Examples and Report Examples views appear in the list, as shown in Figure 3-42.

    Figure 3-42 Show View displaying items under Report and Chart Design

  3. Select the view you want to open. To open both views, select both Chart Examples and Report Examples (press the Shift key as you click each item), then choose OK.

    The Chart Examples and Report Examples views appear next to the Property Editor and Problems views.

  4. In Chart Examples or Report Examples, expand the categories to view the list of chart or report examples, and select the example you want to see. For example, to view a particular report in Report Examples, select the report design (.rptdesign).

    As Figure 3-43 shows, the right side of the Report Examples view displays an image of the selected report's output, and provides a description of the report.


    Figure 3-43 Report Examples view displaying an image and description of a selected report

  5. Open a sample report in the report editor by selecting one of the icons on the title bar next to the Report Examples tab:
    • If you have already created a report project to which you want to save the sample report, choose the icon on the left. Then, in Navigator, refresh the project folder, and open the report from the folder. leftarrowicon.jpg
    • If you have not created any report projects, choose the icon on the right. BIRT creates a project folder, places the report in the folder, and opens the report. downarrowicon.jpg
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