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Key People in the Forums

The Ubuntu Forums are led by a small group of people called the Forum Council. The council is currently made up of seven community members, listed here by their usernames on the forums:

  • ubuntu-geek (Council Chairman)
  • KiwiNZ
  • jdong
  • Technoviking
  • matthew
  • bodhi.zazen
  • bapoumba

These seven are ultimately responsible for the oversight and operation of the forums. Primarily, ubuntu-geek deals with server and software maintenance and also chairs the council. In addition, he and all the Forum Council members are corporately responsible for maintaining the community atmosphere and dealing with some of the technical aspects of the forums from within the forum software. If a user has a problem, these are the people who will ultimately deal with the issue.

There is an additional group of users who are vital to the smooth running and community atmosphere of the forums. These are the other forum staff. A current list of all staff is available by clicking the "view forum leaders" link on the front page of the Web site. This list includes the extremely important and wonderful community moderators and the leaders of specific teams and LoCo groups.

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