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Maximized Windows

Because the Netbook Edition is designed to be used on computers with small screens and the application titles are shown on the panel, a tool to keep all windows maximized was created (Figure 9-9).

Figure 9-9

Figure 9-9 Window title in the panel

Most applications work just fine with this, but if they don't, there is an easy way to prevent a specific application from being maximized. Launch the GNOME Configuration Editor by starting the Run Applications dialog: Press Alt+F2 and type gconf-editor and enter. After the gconf-editor program has been launched, navigate to apps > maximus. Add the application's name under the exclude_class key, as seen in Figure 9-10, with Totem, which has been added by default.

Figure 9-10

Figure 9-10 Editing the exclude_class key in gconf-editor

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