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Purchasing an App

Although a lot of free apps are available for download, sooner or later you're going to find an app that you want that costs money. Fortunately, the price of most apps doesn't match up to the price of software you'd buy in a store. (Most apps can be purchased for less than $5, and the majority of apps costs only 99 cents.)

Figure 7.11 shows a game that I've found, Heavy Gunner 3D, and it's on sale for only 99 cents! (It was $4.99 and might have returned to that price by the time you read this.)

Figure 7.11

Figure 7.11 Locate an app you want to purchase and view its details.

Before you purchase an app, you can find out a bit more about it. If you scroll past the comments, you can view additional details, including screen captures and the developer's website and an email address if you have more specific questions. There might even be a phone number (but this isn't always the case). (See Figure 7.12.)

Figure 7.12

Figure 7.12 Contact and web information for an app.

If you decide to make a purchase after reviewing the website for more information, tap the Buy button. You should see a warning screen similar to the one in Figure 7.7. Tap the OK button to continue. Figure 7.13 shows the type of screen that appears next.

Figure 7.13

Figure 7.13 The purchase summary screen.

If you have a credit card on file with your Google user account, the last four digits appear (refer to Figure 7.13). Place a check in the box to indicate you agree with the terms of service for making a purchase from the Android Market.

If you want to use a different credit card, tap the down-pointing arrow to the right of your saved credit card and choose to use a different credit card.

When you're ready to purchase, tap the Buy Now button at the bottom of the screen. The screen now shows the purchase being authorized and a button at the bottom of the screen that you can use to cancel the download. Figure 7.14 shows the authorization screen.

Figure 7.14

Figure 7.14 The purchase must be approved before the download begins.

When the purchase is complete, the download begins. You can view the status of a download on the Notification screen, as shown in Figure 7.15.

Figure 7.15

Figure 7.15 The application download process can be tracked.

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