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Like this article? We recommend

Security Tool 4: Browser Password Caching

Security Tool 7: Use Market to Download Security Utilities

Android has a wealth of great software waiting for you. Some of the best software provides security functionality.

Back Me Up, Scotty!

Android can allow access to the file system from your PC. Maybe you don’t want to attach the cables? I found a tool that is an ssh-secured rsync client, allowing me to use wireless access from my phone to my Macintosh. Search for ssh or rsync client on Market.

Anti-Virus Among Us!

You may not think you need anti-virus software; after all, this is a phone, right? Too often, though, the PDF attack that works against a computer just might work against an embedded device. There are many free and commercial software alternatives, so you have options. Increasingly, anti-virus also guards against spyware as well.

One vendor offers a way to have your phone make noise, helping you find your phone when lost; remote backup; and remote wipe of your data.

Search for Anti-virus but expect many novel features.

Information Compression and Encryption

If you have confidential information, encryption (and a strong encryption password) can help secure your information a little longer. Add in compression, and your on-board storage SD chip may be more useful before needing an upgrade with more capacity.

(I don’t have a lot of confidential information on my phone, just a lot of 1970’s music. If taken, is that a bad thing?)

Password Caching Agent

Why not use the browser caching agent? Those only work with websites. Their passwords are too available programmatically. Other caching agents can store your passwords while requiring a security test before revealing the passwords.

Network State Utilities

Many utilities can show you your network settings and their status, including cached values. Exotic attacks can attempt to insert special IP-address-and-hostname pairing into your system. You think you are going to Bank of America’s site, but instead you end up at a hard-coded association with a hacker’s counterfeit website.

Commands like netstat, arp, route, etc. show you this data. A nice, easy-to-use interface is an unexpected bonus with many of these special tools.

Terminal Utility

Love Linux? Love CLI? Know what CLI stands for? You need a terminal emulator, one that will use a localhost connection. Because the connection doesn’t attach over an actual network, you could use a telnet client. In case you want to use something with your Macintosh, you may want to use an ssh client, something that can encrypt the traffic and allow you to securely transfer files.

Firewall/Call Blocker

Some tools can stop pesky callers and stalkers from bothering you. I keep calling to tell you the vendor name; maybe you found one already?

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