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Like this article? We recommend

Security Tool 3: Determine to Root or Not to Root

Security Tool 5: Protect Your Dataplan

Do you have a limit on the number of bytes you download each month? I do. I find that it is better to use a browser to examine email before downloading it with a dedicated client. In other words, I open my Yahoo! mail and delete boring or spam email, based on the subject stored in the inbox. Then, I open the Yahoo! client that downloads email I want to read and store. By doing things this way, I avoid downloading junk mail that only gets deleted. If I am looking for a specific email, I will use the browser because it is so much faster navigating the list of mail.

Something else you should consider disabling is automatic synchronization. At home, I can enable synchronization, and my applications and application data download automatically in the background via wireless. If I leave home in this state, this can lead to excessive dataplan use, especially if the location has uncertain signal that creates a need for multiple 3G download resumptions.

Last, I prefer applications that don’t display advertisements. I don’t need those stray data fetches.

Having bytes available at month’s end with no extra cost aids Availability, one of the three components of security that includes Integrity and Confidentiality.

Security Tool 6: Update Early and Often

If you disable automatic updates, to ration your dataplan you must check your system for needed updates manually. In the Market, click My apps. There, you will find an Update All button at the top. Doing this every day (with wireless?) will help your system remain secure and can help performance problems caused by old code.

Regarding Android system updates, contact your service vendor if that organization sold you the phone and provides the Android update. Each new version of Android seems to improve the previous security record. Upgrade to the latest version your hardware will support.

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