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Finding Content for Your Kindle

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This chapter explains your options for finding eBooks, PDFs, and other sources of content for your Kindle.
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The books available in the Kindle Store are only a small fraction of the great books available for your Kindle, many of which are free to download. One of the greatest things about a Kindle is how easy it is to rediscover (or discover for the first time!) classic novels.

Kindle books use a kind of file called Mobipocket. Amazon customized the file type a little bit so that it could add copy protection. However, you can also read unprotected PDF files, HTML files, Microsoft Word documents, and text files on your Kindle.

The most convenient source of content for your Kindle is the Kindle Store, especially if you are in an area with Whispernet service. You can browse the store and purchase books on the Kindle. As you soon see, you can download books from other sources directly to the Kindle as well, but the presentation in the Kindle Store is second to none.

One more advantage to the Kindle Store is that any book you buy from the Kindle Store is easily available via Archived Items on your Kindle. If you delete a book you purchased from the Kindle Store, you can copy it back to your Kindle easily. The Whispersync feature is also available only on books purchased from the Kindle Store.

Now look at different sources of Kindle content available to you, beginning with Amazon's own Kindle Store.

Using Amazon's Kindle Store

One of the best features of the Kindle is it offers immediate access to the largest e-book store in the world: the Kindle Store. The Kindle Store offers many features other than the capability to simply buy books. You can

  • Get free samples of content to read.
  • Subscribe to a free trial of a magazine, newspaper, or blog.
  • Download free books.
  • Add books to a Save for Later list.
  • Read reviews of Kindle content.
  • Write reviews of Kindle content.
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