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The Plan

Before you try to insert social location marketing into your overall online marketing strategy, it's helpful to map out your strategy. Following is a sample plan that shows how social location sharing fits into the bigger picture. An effective social media plan is going to include all the following elements we have been discussing:

  • Organizational fit
    • Decide which department or departments are going to control the channel.
    • How integrated is each department and how will they pass information between them?
    • What resources already exist in house to use social media?
    • What resources will require training/need hiring?
  • Goals and objectives
    • What is the vision for social media use?
    • What does the organization want to achieve and when?
  • Team structure or Individual personality
    • Will there be an individual face or a group that customers relate to?
  • Location of the intended audience
    • Where is the target audience now?
    • Where are they likely to be?
  • Metrics
    • What results are important to the organization?
    • How will they be measured?
    • How is success defined?
  • Financial return
    • How much will it cost to achieve the goals?
    • How much will they return if they are achieved?
    • Tools and services
    • Free versus paid
    • In-house or consultancy
  • Future proofing
    • Where will potential customers go next?
    • What changes to existing platforms will impact the plan?
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