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Creating Your First AdWords Campaign

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In this lesson, you learn how to create your first ad campaign and launch it. You create settings for your campaign's location and language, write your first ad, choose keywords, set a budget, and set up billing. When you've finished, your ad campaign will launch.
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Getting Started Fast

Google wants you to get going with your first ad campaign quickly. It's in Google's interest for you to start using the service—and spending money—right away. In most cases, this is probably a good idea. If you aren't really ready to use the service full-bore yet, you can at least set up a test campaign, spending little money while learning your way around AdWords.

An AdWords ad campaign is simply one or more ads and keywords grouped together for management and reporting purposes. You can group a given AdWords advertising effort into one or more campaigns, depending on your own preferences.

AdWords presents you with a screen like the one shown in Figure 3.1. In this lesson, I take you through the steps to set up your campaign, as Google recommends. Along the way, I touch on many aspects of using AdWords—choosing keywords, creating effective ads—that I discuss in more depth in later lessons.

Figure 3.1

Figure 3.1 Google invites you to start right away on spending time—and money—on AdWords.

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