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There's so much more you can do with the Galaxy Tab but I'm almost out of time (well…words, actually). What else can I tell you about the Galaxy Tab? Well, let me just go down the list of things I'm using it for on a daily basis:

  • Foursquare—This fun little app allows me to "check in" at restaurants and other locations that I frequent—I earn points and badges for various activities (such as frequenting a favorite restaurant) and even get appointed "mayor" when I'm the person showing up the most often.
  • Latitude—Another social app that allows me to share with a close circle of friends my current location (requires the GPS to be activated), making it easy for them to find me during the day.
  • Angry Birds—Absolutely one of the most addictive games around…and it's free. Don't download it unless you're willing to lose some serious time and become frustrated at the higher levels.
  • Dropbox—This free app allows me to create a "cloud folder" that sits out there on the Internet and holds files I might want to open and view from my Tab. Any computer that has the Dropbox app installed (and is logged in with my username and password) can provide access to these files, making it a great tool for accessing important files on my Tab from anywhere.
  • ShopSavvy—I love this app! If I'm out shopping, I simply run this app and snap a photo of the barcode; the app then finds me the best prices for the item both locally and online. It makes haggling with a store manager much easier when you show them you can drive five minutes down the road to save $10 or $20.

The list doesn't stop…I'm finding new apps every day that make my life easier…or at least more fun.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has made a nice entrance into the tablet market. It's lightweight, has a decent battery life, a bright screen, and enough apps to make it something I carry with me now at all times. Don't get me wrong—I still love my iPad (and so does my 3-year-old who has figured out how to use it for playing games). But my iPad isn't a device that slips into a coat pocket easily…my Galaxy Tab is small, easy to carry, and simple to use.

Until something better comes along (and it likely will, to my wife's displeasure), I've found a new tablet that offers up something new every day.

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