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The Samsung Galaxy Tab

In November 2010, Samsung released the Galaxy Tab (see Figure 1). While most consider it to be a competitor to the iPad, there are enough differences to argue that it's a bit like comparing apples to oranges. What kinds of differences? Let's take a look at some of the more obvious ones:

  • It's smaller—the Tab has a 7" screen versus the iPad's 10" screen. (But there is a 10" version of the Galaxy Tab on its way, so this difference will disappear.)
  • It runs Android—the Tab runs the Android operating system, complete with its own app store (called the Android Market) and a unique operating system. More on this later.
  • It's got two cameras—one of the biggest gripes with the iPad was its lack of camera (for taking pictures) and its lack of webcam (for video chat). The Tab has both.
  • It's expandable—the Tab comes with a Micro SD slot that supports up to an extra 64GB of storage. The iPad doesn't offer that (or at least not yet).

My intention with this article isn't to stir up trouble between iPad and Tab users—trust me…there are plenty of websites out there with endless debates and flame wars erupting between fan(atics) of both devices. I happen to own both, and I find that each device has its pluses and minuses, all depending on what I wish to do with the device.

Instead, my goals with this article are to simply introduce you to the Galaxy Tab, show you how it works, and give you a glimpse of some of the great little features the device offers (see Figure 1).

Ultimately, the choice between an iPad, a Galaxy Tab, or other tablet (and they're coming in droves!) is a personal one, based on your own research, tastes, and needs.

The Galaxy Tab has already sold over one million units in its first month, so there are users out there who have decided that this little device is suitable for their needs. But if you want a bit more information about the Galaxy Tab, keep reading. (I've also completed a book for Pearson titled Teach Yourself Galaxy Tab in 10 Minutes that provides even more detailed walkthroughs for using many of the Galaxy Tab's features and apps.)

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