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Using the Google Moderator

Have you ever been to a presentation at which there were lots of questions for the speaker, but many of the questions were less than smart? Google Moderator lets some people submit questions and lets other people rank the value of each question for an answer. Schools could use this approach to encourage students to submit questions and let their peers rank the question so the teacher could address the most popular questions first. The Google Apps Administrator can enable Google Moderator through domain control panel, service settings, and then adding the Moderator service to your domain.

Once the service is installed, the moderator will create a series of questions, such as "Final Exam" or "Tuesday Lecture," or whatever topic the moderator wants to collect questions for. The moderator can also allow anonymous questions to encourage more activity and silliness, or to link questions to the person submitting the question. Participants will then submit questions and vote on questions for popularity's sake.

As more and more questions are fed into the Google Moderator, they'll queue up for participants to review. New questions (questions that you've not seen before or voted on) will appear with a blue background. This helps new questions get some attention from participants and to show that new ideas are being submitted for review. Participants can also flag questions that aren't appropriate for the conversation—though the question will remain until the moderator reviews and removes the flagged item.

Google Moderator can also be added to a page on a website. This allows participants some time to think of questions, add more questions via the Web, and vote on existing questions. Schools may also be interested in integrating Google Moderator with Presentations. This simplified view of Google Moderator is useful for live presentations as it's a condensed version of the questions and it highlights the popular questions that have been submitted.

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