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Preparing for the Google Sites Exam

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Google has introduced Google Apps for Schools and created a certification of sorts for this suite of applications. This series of certification exams can show your ability to teach, configure, and support Google Apps for Schools. In this article, Joe Phillips explores the Google Sites exam and lets you know what you'll need to know to pass the test.
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I am really old. When I was in school, computers were something magical, foreign, and as big as refrigerators (yes, we had refrigerators way back then).

The concept of a website was unheard of; Facebook, Wiki, and Google weren't in our vocabulary then, and I'm amazed at what the next generation accepts as part of everyday life. I'm also eager to see what amazing things are created next. And, yes, I'll say amazing—just compare anything today with what fit in your backpack in junior high.

This exam, Google Sites, isn't so amazing, however. It's a pretty logical examination on how students and teachers can use Google Sites to create their own websites. If you've ever created, edited, or set up a website, you shouldn't have too much trouble with this Google Sites exam. Students and teachers can create websites, add navigation menus, organize their sites through a file cabinet concept, and control access to the site.

Let's take a look at the exam objectives you'll need to know for this exam.

Introducing Google Sites

Students and teachers can use Google Sites to create, organize, and control access to their websites. You can imagine teachers creating a website for their classroom with links to documents, assignments, and test information.

Students might create websites as part of their assignments and learning experiences. Google Sites with the Education access allows for up to 100 GB of data for all sites within a school—a lot of room, but something a larger school will need to consider.

For this exam, you'll need to know the basics of what Google Sites is and how to create a good website. For example, a good website defines the audience and accomplishes a goal of the audience, primarily accessing some type of information. You'll also need to know some basic web design theory, content management, navigation, and how animation affects site effectiveness.

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