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Conventions Used in This Book

Technical terms appearing for the first time are in boldface.

The source code examples in this book are presented using a code font. This font is also used for source code fragments that appear within running text. Most of the code in this book is expressed using C++. The techniques we describe are in no way limited to C++. We have chosen C++ because it is used widely and in some ways presents the most challenges for testers. From time to time, we will present tips on testing features specific to Java.

Class names appear in running text in a sans serif font.

Occasionally you will find a block of text set off in a box. These boxes are intended to add detail to or ancillary information about the subject under discussion. There are different types of these blocks, each of which is described here.


A tip is a piece of advice that we want to pass along that will make testing easier or more effective. Sometimes a tip is directed at testing C++ or Java code. Sometimes a tip is a general technique that we consider to be useful.

Do the same questions come up over and over again?

Yes, they do. In these boxes we will answer frequently asked questions.

Related Topics

Sometimes more detail about a concept is discussed in a sidebar like this. Sometimes we'll use a sidebar like this to discuss something off the main topic, but it is relevant to the discussion and is something we think you should know about.

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