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Existing User

As the conversation continued, we began to wonder what would happen if someone entered an e-mail address that was already registered in the system. For User Story 4.11: Existing User, Lowell decided that in this case the user had forgotten that he or she was a member. He decided to send the user's password just as though the user was registering for the first time. In User Story 4.12: Forgotten Password, the user knows that he or she is already a member; the user simply has forgotten his or her password.

If during registration, the user enters an e-mail address that already exists, a page should ask them if the site should send their password to them

One day

User Story 4.11: Existing User

If the user selects "forgot password," they should be prompted to enter the e-mail address that they registered with and the password will be e-mailed to that address, within 15 seconds

One day

Story 4.12: Forgotten Password

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