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Registration Story

User Story 4.9: Transparent Login opened the door to discussions about what we would like from users in terms of registration information. We definitely needed a unique identifier for each person. User Story 4.3: Username as E-mail Address, on page 17, describes a constraint that we can now satisfy by turning it into a story. We will use the e-mail address as the unique identifier. Because we intend to use the e-mail address to keep interested users informed, we must verify that it is valid. To do this, we will send a system-created password to the specified e-mail address.

In addition, we will request first and last names, professional affiliation (i.e., company, college, etc.), and whether or not the user wants to be notified of changes to the site.

This discussion yielded User Story 4.10: User Registration.

To estimate this story, we had to perform a spike to test the feasibility and difficulty of e-mailing from a servlet. On the Internet, we found several Java class libraries intended for this purpose. We spent a couple of hours downloading and trying one of them. This proved straightforward and made us feel comfortable estimating the story.

When the user selects to register, they should be taken to the registration page, which prompts the user for an e-mail address, first name, last name, affiliation, and whether or not they want to be notified of changes to the site. Upon submit, the system generates a password and e-mails it to the user.

E-mail field must be nonblank.

Two days

User Story 4.10: User Registration

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