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Preparing for the Google Apps Calendar Exam

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Google has introduced Google Apps for Schools and created a certification of sorts for this suite of application. This series of certification exams can show your ability to teach, configure, and support Google Apps for Schools. Joe Phillips explores the Google Apps Calendar exam and tells you what you'll need to know to pass.
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A long time ago, when I was a little guy, my fourth-grade teacher had a giant calendar that plotted out the days of the month with yarn and rickrack. Apples, rulers, books, Abe Lincoln, and other paper icons kept us informed of quizzes, book reports, and holidays.

Miss Basham would change the calendar every month, and it was always fun to see what new things were going to happen in the upcoming weeks. Computers weren't around when Miss Basham taught my class, but I wonder what she'd think of Google Calendar as opposed to her giant, artsy almanac.

If you've not used Google Calendar, it's not hard to imagine what it does. It's a calendar. On Google. You'll schedule stuff with it. Imagine though, a teacher who uses Google Calendar for students, parents, and other classroom resources. Instead of students "forgetting" when that Mark Twain report is due, reminders can be sent and parents informed, and Huck Finn gets immortalized in eighth-grade literature once again.

This Google Apps exam will test your comprehension on all of the elements of the Google Calendar. You'll need to know how to configure the calendar for an entire school, create appointments, and share calendars.

There's much to know with this exam—though most of it is logical. You can complete a Google online certification training for free on this exam here: http://edutraining.googleapps.com/Training-Home/module-3-calendar.

Let's take a look at the nine areas you'll be tested on.

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