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From the author of A Slimmer and Lighter Device

A Slimmer and Lighter Device

Apple has gone to great lengths to assure us that there won’t be big changes to the iPad’s size and shape in an iPad 2 device—but what about a few nips and tucks?

There’s every possibility that the device can be made somewhat smaller without affecting the way it works. The current iPad is “fat” in every dimension:

  • Length and width—The iPad has a bezel—a useless black border – of about ¾” of an inch all the way around the screen.
  • Depth—The iPad is thicker than feels comfortable, due to having three layers of depth—the screen itself, the circuitry behind it, and the two batteries. The batteries, each about half as wide as the iPad, form the third layer of the iPad’s depth, giving it a bit of a bulge in the back.
  • Weight—The iPad weighs about a pound and a half. In many reading and viewing positions, it gets heavy in one’s hands after a few minutes of use.

Not only is the current iPad a bit “fat”, it’s also a bit bulbous. Carrying around an iPad without a case around it, the devices feels like it wants to slip out of your hands—a potential disaster that anyone who has just spent $500 or more for their iPad would very much want to avoid.

All of the iPad’s dimensions can be made smaller, making the device flatter, easier to hold, and more like the Galaxy Tab in convenience. Trimming the iPad’s dimensions would only improve the user’s experience and comfort level.

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