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Manage Your To-Do Lists on an iPhone or iPad

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  1. Benefits of Using a To-Do List Manager on Your Apple Mobile Device
  2. Some of the Best To-Do List Management Apps for Your iPhone or iPad
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Whether you're responsible for managing multiple projects simultaneously, your work-related responsibilities include brainstorming new and innovative ideas, or you spend much of your time each daily creating and managing to-do lists and then trying to complete the items on each list, chances are you can benefit from a powerful to-do list manager on your Apple iPhone or iPad. Jason Rich showcases five powerful to-do list apps for the iPhone and/or iPad that take very different approaches to helping you manage your information and deadlines, set priorities, and ultimately accomplish your various tasks and goals.
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Like this article? We recommend

As any busy person knows, the ability to stay organized means the difference between being a highly efficient and productive person and wasting a lot of time each day improperly juggling everyday tasks. The human urge to procrastinate or focus solely on whatever urgent matter happens to come up could result in your inability to meet all your day-to-day responsibilities.

While neither the Apple iPhone or iPad can add more hours to your day, either device can help you better plan and manage your time using the built-in and extremely powerful Calendar app, which can easily sync data between your mobile device and your primary scheduling software on your desktop computer, laptop computer, or office network. It can even share your schedule with coworkers to help you more easily schedule important meetings.

Not everything we need to do each day, however, can be pre-scheduled in a specific block of time. Many people opt to work from to-do lists, but wind up keeping multiple lists for their personal and professional responsibilities, and often jot down to-do list items on Post-In Notes, notepads or scrap papers that can easily be misplaced or cause clutter.

When it comes to managing, scheduling, prioritizing, sharing, and completing tasks on a to-do list, both the iPhone and iPad have a handful of extremely useful third-party apps available that can help you organize and juggle multiple to-do lists, meet tight deadlines, and make better use of your valuable time.

Benefits of Using a To-Do List Manager on Your Apple Mobile Device

In order to truly benefit from using a to-do list management app, you must commit to using it on an ongoing basis and get into the habit of entering all your to-do items into the app and then referring to the app as needed throughout your day, everyday.

Creating and managing to-do lists on your iPhone or iPad has several distinct benefits, including the following:

  • All your to-do items can be stored in one place, so you can have your lists with you anytime and anywhere. After all, you probably keep your Apple mobile device with you throughout the workday.
  • You can consolidate dozens of separate scrap papers or Post-It Notes into one well-organized list, without worrying about misplacing any important information, while at the same time remove clutter from your desk or workspace.
  • Using any of these to-do list apps, you can easily prioritize your tasks, associate deadlines with them, plus set audible or text-based alarms to acts as reminders throughout your day.
  • As needed, to-do items can be imported easily into your calendar and added into your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.
  • Each of the to-do list apps allows you to visually view your lists using an intuitive but unique graphic interface, so you can color-code lists or individual items, plus view them in a variety of familiar formats on your iPhone or iPad screen.
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