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1.3 CERT-RMM and CMMI Models

CMMI v1.2 includes three integrated models: CMMI for Development, CMMI for Acquisition, and the newly released CMMI for Services. The CMMI Framework provides a common structure for CMMI models, training, and appraisal components. CMMI for Development and CMMI for Acquisition are early life-cycle models in that they address software and system processes through the implementation phase but do not specifically address these assets in operation. The CMMI for Services model addresses not only the development of services and a service management system but also the operational aspects of service delivery.

CERT-RMM is primarily an operations-focused model, but it reaches back into the development phase of the life cycle for assets such as software and systems to ensure consideration of early life-cycle quality requirements for protecting and sustaining these assets once they become operational. Like CMMI for Services, CERT-RMM also explicitly addresses developmental aspects of services and assets by promoting a requirements-driven, engineering-based approach to developing and implementing resilience strategies that become part of the "DNA" of these assets in an operational environment.

Because of the broad nature of CERT-RMM, emphasis on using CMMI model structural elements was prioritized over explicit consideration of integration with existing CMMI models. That is, while CERT-RMM could be seen as defining an "operations" constellation in CMMI, this was not an early objective of CERT-RMM research and development. Instead, the architects and developers of CERT-RMM focused on the core processes for managing operational resilience, integrating CMMI model elements to the extent possible. Thus, because the model structures are similar, CMMI users will be able to easily navigate CERT-RMM.

Table 1.1 provides a summary of the process area connections between CERT-RMM and the CMMI models. Table 1.2 summarizes other CMMI model and CERT-RMM similarities. Future versions of CERT-RMM will attempt to smooth out significant differences in the models and incorporate more CMMI elements where necessary.

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