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What’s Missing in Lion?


People who like to apply clich[ae]es to news and events might say Mac OS X is “coming full circle”; others might say the new release is a “paradigm shift.” I fit in the second category. It seems to me, in the last several years, the real bulk of “computing” has been moving from the desktop to the handheld, from the business application to the social application, from the trained user to the “common man.”

It’s only natural for the users of iPhones, iPods, and iPads—the devices that have been fueling this shift—to want the same great features on their desktops as they have become accustomed to on their handheld devices. The new features in Lion will simplify the Mac OS X operating system, an art that Apple has perfected better than any one else, making Lion easier for the trained and the untrained user alike.

Whether you call Lion a full circle or a shift, I think we can assume that Lion will probably be a much more feature-rich upgrade than Snow Leopard was, and you can expect to hear more about these new features as the release date gets closer. Monitor this website for new information: http://www.apple.com/macosx/lion.

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