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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

The Gallery Application—Video (Droid 1)

The Gallery application allows you to view pictures and video, and share pictures and video with people via MMS, Bluetooth, YouTube, and email. We cover viewing and sharing videos in this chapter and cover pictures in Chapter 9, “Taking, Storing, and Viewing Pictures.”

  1. Touch the Gallery icon to launch the Gallery application.
  2. Albums that contain videos have a little Play icon. Touch an album to view available videos.
  3. Touch a video to start playing it.
  4. While a video is playing, touch the screen to reveal the playback controls.
  5. Touch to jump backward a few seconds.
  6. Touch to pause the video, and touch again to resume playing it.
  7. Touch to jump forward a few seconds.
  8. Drag left and right to move rapidly forward and backward through the video.

Sharing Videos

You can share small videos with people from the Gallery application. Here is how.

  1. Touch the Menu button twice to show the Gallery Menu.
  2. Touch one or more videos. Videos you’ve selected have a green check mark.
  3. Touch Share.
  4. Touch a method for sharing the videos.

Sharing Video Using MMS

  1. Address the MMS.
  2. Type an optional message to go with the video.
  3. Touch to send the MMS.

Sharing Video Using Bluetooth

  1. Touch the previously paired Bluetooth device. If the paired device accepts Bluetooth file sharing, the video is sent. We cover how to pair Bluetooth devices in Chapter 4, “Connecting to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and VPNs.”

Sharing Video Using Email or Gmail

  1. Address the email.
  2. Type an optional subject.
  3. Type an optional message.
  4. Touch to send the email.

Sharing Video on YouTube

If you have not previously entered your YouTube account, you are prompted to do so before you can upload your video.

  1. Enter the title of your video.
  2. Enter the description of the video.
  3. Set the video’s privacy options.
  4. Enter any tags for the video, separating tags using commas.
  5. Touch Upload.

Deleting Videos

  1. Touch the Menu button twice to show the Gallery menu.
  2. Touch one or more videos. Videos you select have a green check mark.
  3. Touch Delete.
  4. Touch Confirm Delete.
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