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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Managing Playlists (Droid and Droid X)

Playlists allow you to group songs together. Here is how to create them and use them.

Creating a New Playlist on Your Droid

To create a new playlist, you must already know the first song you want to add to it.

  1. Touch and hold a song.
  2. Touch Add to Playlist.
  3. Touch New.
  4. Type in the name of the playlist.
  5. Touch Save.

Adding a Song to an Existing Playlist

  1. While listening to a song, touch the Menu button. Then touch Add to Playlist.
  2. Touch the playlist you want to add the song to.

Rearranging Songs in a Playlist

  1. Touch a Playlist to show the songs in it.
  2. Touch and hold the three lines to the left of a song you want to move. Move that song up and down until it is in the right place, and then release it.

Clearing a Playlist

  1. Touch a Playlist to show the songs in it.
  2. Touch Menu and touch Clear Playlist. Be careful because there is no warning; the playlist is cleared immediately.

Deleting and Renaming a Playlist

  1. Touch Playlists to show the list of playlists.
  2. Touch and hold on the playlist you’d like to rename or delete.
  3. Touch Delete to delete the playlist. Be careful because there is no warning; the playlist is immediately deleted.
  4. Touch Rename to rename the playlist. Type in the new name and touch Save.

Manually Creating a Playlist on a Computer

When we cover doubleTwist later in this chapter, we go over how to synchronize playlists from iTunes, but there is another way to create playlists. If you feel like having complete control over the creation process, these are the steps.

  1. Gather the songs you want to place in your new playlist in their own folder on your computer.
  2. Use a text editor to create a new text file. (Notepad in Windows or TextEdit on the Mac will do.) Type this text at the top of the file:
    • #EXTM3U
  3. Type the filenames for each song you want in the playlist, each on a separate line.
  4. Save the text file and make sure the file extension is .m3u.
  5. Connect your Droid to your computer using the USB cable. On your Droid, drag down the notification area.
  6. Touch USB Connected.
  7. Touch Mount to mount your Droid as a new drive in Windows or OSX.
  8. Drag your folder that contains the songs and the playlist file to your Droid. You can put it anywhere. Then, on your desktop computer, eject the Droid by right-clicking on it and selecting Eject.
  9. On your Droid, drag down the notification area again, but this time touch Turn off USB storage. When your Droid finishes processing the new files, it plays a sound. Your new songs and playlist should be successfully loaded.
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