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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


Your Droid comes with a YouTube application that enables you to find and watch videos, rate them, add them to your favorites, and share links to YouTube videos. The YouTube application even enables you to upload new videos.

YouTube Main Screen

  1. Touch the YouTube icon on the Home screen to launch the application.
  2. Touch to play a video.
  3. Touch to see information about the video and related videos.
  4. Touch to upload your own video.
  5. Touch to search for videos.

Playing a Video

While playing a YouTube video, you can rate the video, read video comments, and share the video with someone.

  1. Touch to see details about the video, and see related videos.
  2. Touch to rate the video. This still uses the old-style five-star rating system. It is likely that the YouTube application will be updated to support the new YouTube rating system soon.
  3. Touch to read comments about this video. You cannot add your own comments.
  4. Touch to add the video to your YouTube favorite video list.
  5. Touch to share the video with people using MMS, email, and Facebook. When you share the video, you are sharing only the link to it.
  6. Touch More to flag a video as inappropriate or switch to another version of the video (either high or low quality).

Filtering Videos

When you first open the YouTube application, you are presented with the Featured videos. You can view videos from a specific category only.

  1. Touch the Menu button, and touch Categories.
  2. Scroll to and touch a category you want to filter the view to. Videos that have been uploaded today under this category are displayed.
  3. Touch the Menu button and touch Time Filter to see videos older than today.
  4. Touch the time filter you want. The Category display updates. When you change the time filter, it affects all YouTube screens.

Changing YouTube Settings

If you want to clear your YouTube search history, or change the time filter, you can do this in the YouTube application’s settings screen.

  1. Touch the Menu button while looking at the main YouTube screen, then touch Settings.
  2. Touch to clear your YouTube searches.
  3. Touch to set the time filter.
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