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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Google Voice

Regular Google Voice, if set up on your Nexus One, enables you to save money on international calls and have your voicemails transcribed into text. If you upgrade Google Voice, which is free, you have some extra features, such as choosing your own personalized phone number or setting up simultaneous ringing.

Setting Up Google Voice

If you want to start using the Google Voice features on your Nexus One, you need to go through some setup steps first.

  1. Touch the Voice icon on the Home screen.
  2. Read the welcome information from Google Voice and touch Next.
  3. Select the account to use for Google Voice if you synchronize to multiple Google Accounts.
  4. If you want to use a different Google Voice account, touch Use a Different Account to set it up.
  5. Touch Sign In to proceed.
  6. Touch Next to choose your Google Voice PIN.
  7. Enter a PIN for your Google Voice voicemail box and touch Next.
  8. Touch an option for using Google Voice for international calls.
  9. Touch Next.
  10. On the next screen, touch Next.
  11. Touch Configure to continue to set up your voicemail to go to Google Voice or touch Skip to skip the step.
  12. Touch an option to choose whether to leave the voicemail set to your wireless carrier or switch it to Google Voice.
  13. If everything goes well, you see a dialog box confirming that your voicemail number has changed. Touch OK.
  14. The Google Voice Inbox screen displays. Each time a call goes to your Google Voice voicemail, a new message appears in this Inbox. Touching the message reveals the transcribed text of the voicemail.

Upgrading Google Voice

If you want to use the advanced features of Google Voice, you need to upgrade your account. Upgrading is free of charge. To upgrade, use your desktop computer to go to http://google.com/voice.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Get a Google Number.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Type search criteria in the box to search for available Google Voice phone numbers, including numbers that spell words.
  5. Select a number from the options.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Click Continue on the Confirm Your Number screen.
  8. Enable call forwarding from your current mobile number to your new Google Voice number by following the instructions on the screen and touching Done.
  9. If the call forwarding has been successful, you see a confirmation. Touch OK.

Playing Back and Managing Voicemails

When you receive new voicemails, follow these steps to play them back and manage them.

  1. Voicemails that you have received are displayed in your Inbox. To read and play back a voicemail, touch the voicemail.
  2. Touch the play icon to play the message audio.
  3. To take actions on the message, touch the Menu button. You can then call the person back, send a text message (SMS), view the person’s contact information, add a star, and archive the message.
  4. Touch More to refresh the message or delete it.

Send SMS and Check Your Balance

Google Voice allows you to send and receive text messages (SMS). You can use the main screen menu to do this plus check your Google Voice account balance, and filter the view by label. Touch the Menu button to reveal the menu.

  1. Touch Compose to send an SMS.
  2. Touch Balance to check your Google Voice account balance.
  3. Touch Labels to filter the Inbox view by label. Labels include Voicemail, SMS, Recorded, and more.
  4. Touch Help to load the Google Voice help web page.

Google Voice Settings

After you have been using Google Voice for a while, you may want to change some of the settings.

  1. Touch the Menu button and touch Settings.
  2. Touch Making Calls to change which calls go through Google Voice.
  3. Touch Voicemail Playback to change where Google Voice voicemails are played.
  4. Touch Refresh and Notification to change how often the Google Voice Inbox is refreshed on your Nexus One and to change the notification options.
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