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From the author of Key #2—Do You See a Scene That Works?

Key #2—Do You See a Scene That Works?

Most digital camera feature a variety of scene modes. What’s a scene? Scene modes are preset combinations of camera settings such as white balance, ISO, and others that enable better photos under the specified conditions.

How do you select a scene mode? With many cameras, you can turn the same control dial where the auto mode is selected to one of several icons for different modes. To choose from more modes that will be displayed on the camera’s LCD display, you might select SCN on the control dial or push a button on the camera.

I used the so-called “manner and museum” scene mode on my Kodak camera to try the same shot I tried in Figure 2. Figure 3 shows what happened: this mode turned off the flash (and the sound effects) and adjusted a feature called white balance to match the typical incandescent lighting found in in museums and churches. The result? A much better photo.

Figure 3 A dose of “manner and museum” scene mode is just what the Shot Doctor ordered for a better photo.

Other scene modes designed for indoor and night use on various cameras include Night, Night Portrait, Party, Candles, and others. Check your camera manual for details.

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