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Get Ready to Multitask

Any good business person can multitask. So it makes perfect sense that the Smartphone you're relying on to be a primarily communication, organizational, and productivity tool in your work life should also be able to handle several important tasks at once.

The iPhone 4's multitasking capability is particularly useful for cutting and pasting text between applications, or if you want to access your Contacts or Calendar, for example, while also chatting on the phone or reviewing your email.

Especially if you're traveling overseas and don't want to rack up outrageously high international roaming fees when making or receiving calls, you can utilize any Wi-Fi Internet connection via your iPhone, and use a Voice-Over-IP app (such as Skype) to make and receive free or very-low-cost calls via the Web. As you do this, you can also run any of your other favorite apps.

This multitasking feature is also helpful if you're running a GPS app on your iPhone that provides real-time, turn-by-turn directions to where you're going. If you receive an incoming call at the same time, you can accept the call without exiting the navigation app, so you can easily continue on your way without missing an important turn.

Multitasking also allows apps to continuously be running in the background, so if your investment portfolio app detects a sudden change in a stock you own, an alert can be sent to your screen, for example, even if the investment portfolio app isn't the primary one running on your iPhone.

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