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The level of day-to-day involvement e-customers have with businesses as e-service providers will determine how much they want to "tune in" to their Web site. For example, a bank's customer is more likely to want to use a Web site for frequent transactions than a computer supplier's customer who may only purchase once a year.

Even if customers are not transacting with you on a frequent basis, they will still use your Web site to:

  • Access and maintain any information they've given you or that you share as a result of your service relationship.

  • Be sure they've gotten the best deal you can provide.

  • Access special deals or offers.

  • Get the most out of the product they've purchased.

And, again, let's not forget that a Web site is only part of a customer's service experience. Customers may have relationships with people within the service-providing organization, and these are also an integral part of day-to-day support.

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