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Customers may seek help at different times, as part of their evaluation process or after they have made a selection and transacted. Customers will also seek out help on different levels: getting around the site, evaluating what is best for them, and getting the best out of something, and solving a particular problem.

Customers will interact with your site to:

  • Work out how to use your site. Customers want to learn how to get around and optimize the use of your site as quickly and easily as possible.

  • Find out how something works once they have it.

  • Resolve a problem online.

  • Find out where to go, or whom to talk to, if they have a problem that can't be easily resolved online.

And don't forget, a Web site is only part of a customer's experience. Customers may also seek help outside of your Web site. Tailored advice is still very important and, oftentimes, this only comes from talking to someone.

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