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7. "Don't Expect Me to Make a Decision Without the Facts"

Customers are likely to feel like they're being subjected to a hard sell if they do not have sufficient information before being faced with a decision or an invitation to purchase. There will be some fundamental information that a customer wants before deciding whether to purchase. The nature of these fundamentals will depend on the service being offered.


Inappropriate timing

Consider a customer who is evaluating products offered by an electronics company. The customer interacts with a tool that helps them identify some solutions to common desktop publishing problems. By identifying with some problem scenarios, the customer receives some recommendations; a list of software and hardware products with a brief description of each product. Next to each product name is a button inviting the customer to "buy now." The customer feels uncomfortable with the process at this point because they don't feel they know enough about any of the products to purchase anything at that point.

Missing facts

Continuing the above scenario, the customer chooses to ignore the inappropriate invitation to "buy now" and clicks through to the product page for one of the recommended products, a printer. From the product page the customer clicks through to a page that allows them to choose the printer model. Here they are again invited to "buy now," but unfortunately no prices are given for the different printers, probably because each printer must be packaged with software, thus making each combination a different price. The customer feels they can't possibly purchase a printer without knowing how much it is going to cost, and they bail out of the process at that point.

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