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Santiago, Chile: Jaime, International Executive Who Has to Please Everyone

It is close to midnight in Santiago. Jaime sits alone in his office, finalizing the presentation for his meeting with the company's CEO who is visiting Chile. The data tells a clear story, the graphics are compelling, and the actions are clear.

Yet, Jaime cannot help but feel something is missing. Last year, mineral giant MineGroup acquired a major minerals concession. Analysts applauded the firm for scooping a jewel. The company's public relations team scored a coup by diffusing the good news represented by this acquisition.

A rising star at MineGroup, Jaime, a native of Bolivia, was overjoyed to lead the new entity: His international experience, managerial skills, and a Wharton MBA prepared him for this assignment.

After 100 days on the job, Jaime's initial excitement is gradually turning into apprehension. MineGroup faces major union disputes. Protests from the community and environmental activists are multiplying.

The next morning, Jaime delivers his presentation to a full room including senior government officials, MineCorp's CEO delegation, and the local management team. The CEO congratulates Jaime on his progress addressing strategic issues around community engagement, while ultimately stressing financial targets.

Despite a near-perfect performance in the boardroom, Jaime senses that something is still wrong. The demeanor of the Chilean counterparts tells Jaime he failed to convince them to buy into MineCorp's vision. Jaime feels he won a small battle in a long and protracted war, but fears the situation will get much worse before it gets better. He only hopes his Latin American heritage will help him broker peace.

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