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The Official Ubuntu Book, 4e: Introducing the Ubuntu Forums

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This chapter is from the book
  • What Are the Ubuntu Forums?
  • A Brief History of the Ubuntu Forums
  • How May I Participate?
  • Questions, Locations, Conversations, and Activities
  • Key People in the Forums
  • Fun Stuff
  • The Foundation of the Ubuntu Forums
  • Summary

THIS CHAPTER INTRODUCES the Ubuntu Forums by describing what they are, why they exist, and some of the history and fun quirks that make them a place where people come for the tech support and end up staying for the community. Whether you have used Internet forums in the past or not, this chapter will give you a good introduction to an official Ubuntu presence on the Web, a place that is helpful, welcoming, and an enjoyable community in which to participate.

What Are the Ubuntu Forums?

An Internet forum is a Web site where people may sign up for an account and then communicate with one another in discussions of varying types in a casual and free-flowing manner. Most forums are divided into smaller areas, each dedicated to a particular topic or set of related topics. For those who have participated in online activities for a long time, Internet forums are an easy-to-find and easy-to-use equivalent of local dial-up bulletin board systems (BBSs) from the 1980s and early 1990s, as well as a prettier looking version of Usenet news groups.

The Ubuntu Forums were created as a place for people to come and help one another learn how to install, use, and customize Ubuntu. The goal was to create a place on the Internet that was easy to access for those who are not especially adept at or experienced with technology. The site is divided into a number of different topical areas to make finding information easy and to make asking questions and finding answers simple.

In addition, the forums exist in a very informal, sometimes whimsical atmosphere, where the information and tech advice are both solid and useful; the community is kind, gentle, and welcoming; and the spirit is often playful.

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