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Displaying Your Google Prowess on the Display Advertising Advanced Exam

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The third Google advanced exam a Google candidate may take is the Display Advertising on the Google Display Network. In this article, Joseph Phillips walks you through this exam, which will test your knowledge of online display ads. If you pass this Google exam and the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam, you're "Individually Qualified" in Google AdWords.
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If you've already read the article on the Google certification program, you know that you'll need to pass the Google Advertising Fundamentals exam and one advanced exam to be considered "Individually Qualified" in Google AdWords. This is also a requirement if your company wants to be certified as a Google Partner. You can choose from three advanced exams:

  • Search Advertising Advanced Exam
  • Display Advertising Advanced Exam
  • Reporting and Analysis Advanced Exam

This article provides an overview of the Display Advertising Advanced Exam. Display ads are all the pretty ads you see alongside your favorite websites. Many websites are, of course, part of the Google Content Network: publishers that have opted into the Google Content Network for a slice of the Google advertisement revenue. This exam also tests your knowledge of placing ads on YouTube—both display, video, and rich media. This can be a tough exam to pass if you've not experienced working with display ads before, so choose wisely.

The cost of this exam is $50, and you'll complete the exam online. Don't get any wise ideas; the exam requires you to use the Testing Center Browser, which prevents you from hopping to other windows for assistance. You'll have two hours to answer 110 questions and must score a 70 percent to pass. Once you complete the exam, your score will be tabulated and you will (insert drum roll here) find out if you passed the exam or need to try, try again.

Let's check out the exam objectives that you'll be tested on.

There are just two exam objectives for this exam: Display Advertising on the Google Display Network, and Display Advertising on YouTube. While there are just two objectives, don't think this exam's a snap compared to the others. Both of these objectives have six meaty sub-objectives that you can study in-depth, including some how-to videos.

Exam Objective #1

First, let's break down the Display Advertising on the Google Network objective.

Communicating the Value of Display and the Google Display Network

You'll need to able to communicate to your company and to your customers why they need to advertise with display ads and the types of display ads they're allowed to use. This means you'll need to be familiar with image ads, Flash, video, and other rich media ads that will be distributed throughout the Internet on certain websites and on YouTube. I say “certain websites” because you'll configure the ads to only appear on websites that meet your criteria based on content and classification. Basically this objective is you explaining to your customers how great Google display ads are and how you can track performance of the display ads beyond just Google.com.

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