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Google AdWords Formats

This is a big exam objective as there are five types of Google AdWords ads you can create, edit, and monitor. This exam objective will test your ability to create, edit, and monitor each of these ad types:

  • Text ads, the most common ad type, have rules about the number of characters, the display URL, and the number of lines of text you're allowed to use.
  • Image ads can be the static ads or (in my honest opinion) the annoying ads that distract when I'm trying to read about the latest research on hummingbirds (or what's going on with Notre Dame football). As you might expect, you'll be tested on the rules, formatting, and the Google AdWords Display Ad Builder tool.
  • Video ads are, well, videos that are advertisements. These ads can also be clips inserted into, before, or after videos on YouTube and partner sites. You'll be tested on the rules, procedures, and costs of video advertising.
  • Mobile ads are similar to the text, image, and video ads, except these ads target the mobile platform. You'll need to understand the rules for formatting ads for a mobile website and for phones with full Internet browsers.
  • Rich media display ads include video, flash and animated ads, and they engage the web users to interact with the advertisement. Just like the other ad types, you'll need to choose Cost-per-Click (CPC) or Cost-per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM) bidding and target the ads to the appropriate network content. You probably don't want your ad for paintball guns on the senior citizens action website.
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