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Prepare a Launch and Communications Plan

Use the feedback from your pilot to help plan an organization-wide launch plan. Be sure to capture user stories focused on how the community features helped them to do their jobs more effectively. Use these stories in your communications activities to help spread the value proposition across the enterprise.

Consider user incentives to drive initial participation. One organization I worked with offered small prizes for users who completed their profiles by a certain date, helping to "jump start" the creation of user profiles.

Collaboration is already going on in your company. The social computing tools in SharePoint 2010 provide some additional tools for doing what you've already been doing. Social computing features can be fun and also provide a compelling way to encourage collaboration and sharing. Don't be afraid to go slowly with "baby steps" as you deploy social computing functionality in your organization. As with any other new technology, to be successful with social computing, you need to have a business problem to solve. Be sure that your SharePoint strategy includes business problems that can be solved with social computing features.

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