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From the author of Back Off! It's My Turn

Back Off! It's My Turn

And now, to the case of "women over seventy." I walk carefully here, knowing the risks I take by presuming to speak for them. Mr. Linkletter's "unvarnished truth" returns here because, quite simply, these women have earned the right to speak their minds, after a lifetime inside a self-created, self-limiting "box" designed to make all their loved ones happy. They just don't give a damn any longer about the box. And I say: Bravo!

Outspoken. Blunt. Critical. These are some of the terms we use for anyone who seems to speak his or her true feelings. But, when applied to innovation, this outspoken nature is the very quality that we value most. Faced with a true outside-the-box thinker (like Steve Jobs), who speaks true feelings, those negative words change amazingly: Inventive. Creative. Insightful. Innovative.

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