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Movie Reviews

The Agony Booth

If you love to hate bad movies (or maybe you hate to love them), you’ll like this site, which reviews and analyzes the worst that Hollywood has to offer. Contribute a brief review of your all-time least-favorite film in The Agonizer, or sound off in the forums.

Web: http://agonybooth.com/

Facebook: the agony booth (Page)

Twitter: agonybooth

LinkedIn: (None)


This site has its own critics to provide reviews of current releases, as well as an extensive archive—more than 7,500 movie reviews in all. There’s a widget you can download that puts the site’s most recent reviews right on your computer’s desktop.

Web: www.filmcritic.com

Facebook: Filmcritic.com (Page)

Twitter: amcfilmcritic

LinkedIn: (None)


Parents who worry whether a particular movie is kid-friendly will appreciate this site. Movies are rated on a scale of 0—10 for these areas of concern: sex/nudity, violence/gore, and profanity. Detailed analyses of movies explain those ratings, comment on problematic issues such as substance abuse, and note discussion topics that may come up after kids see the film. The site’s clearly written reviews are invaluable for finding family-friendly films.

Web: www.kids-in-mind.com

Facebook: Kids-In-Mind.com (Page)

Twitter: (None)

LinkedIn: (None)


Metacritic compiles a wide range of reviews from respected sources and then averages those scores on a scale of 0—100 so you can see how critics graded the film. For any film you choose, you can read an overview and see what a particular critic had to say about it. Registered site users can also rate and review movies; users’ average scores are displayed alongside the critics’. Besides movies, Metacritic compiles reviews of DVDs, TV shows, books, music, and games.

Web: www.metacritic.com

Facebook: Metacritic Fans (Page)

Twitter: metacritic

LinkedIn: (None)

Movie Review Query Engine

This site’s database contains more than 68,000 movies. When you search for a movie, MRQE returns reviews for that title, as well as blogs and news stories that mention it. There’s a forum where registered users can discuss movies with others.

Web: www.mrqe.com

Facebook: The Movie Review Query Engine (Page), MRQE.com, The Movie Review Query Engine (Group)

Twitter: MRQE

LinkedIn: (None)

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert is one of the best-known film critics in the U.S., and his site is a feast for anyone who loves movies. Read reviews, ask movie-related questions, find out Ebert’s picks for the greatest movies, take a look at the movie glossary, read what’s happening at film festivals, and get updates on the Oscars.

Web: http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/

Facebook: roger ebert (Page), Roger Ebert (Group)

Twitter: ebertchicago

LinkedIn: (None)

Rotten Tomatoes best.jpg

This excellent site collects reviews from critics, both professional and amateur, and averages them using the Tomatometer: Movies that get a passing grade (60% positive reviews or better) are certified Fresh; movies that don’t hit the 60% mark are classified Rotten. Don’t go to the movies without visiting this site first.

Web: www.rottentomatoes.com

Facebook: Rotten Tomatoes (Page)

Twitter: RottenTomatoes

LinkedIn: Rotten Tomatoes (Company)

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