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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

What Is Tagging?

Tagging is a social web mechanism available in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Server (not in SPF) that enables you as the user to tag a document or a list item or a even a page—in the SharePoint site or outside it.

You can tag something to help remember it and find it more easily later on.

One tag that SharePoint comes with is the I Like It tag. This tag enables you to signify that you like a document or a page, and then other people can see that you liked it. You can easily find that document or page again by looking at the list of items you've tagged as things you like (usually from your personal site).

Tagging isn't limited to I Like It, however. You can add new tags as shown in Figure 1.26, and you can remove and rename tags. Depending on what the tag manager configured for the site, you might be able to tag objects in your site under different tags.

Figure 1.26

Figure 1.26 The duck picture is tagged with two terms—duck and grass—to help users find it based on the terms later on.

You can also add notes to an object, including saying what you like or dislike about it, or any other kind of notes. These notes are displayed to other people who look into the notes that you write, and you can view them as well. You can therefore keep working notes on documents or pages you are working on, without those notes being part of the actual document or page.

Chapter 3 explains in detail how to add tags to content. Chapter 5 explains how to use tags and notes from your personal site to find content you tagged or commented on.

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