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The Imperative for a New Approach to Information Architecture

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Michael Schroeck, a coauthor of The Art of Enterprise Information Architecture: A Systems-Based Approach for Unlocking Business Insight, explains why managing information effectively is crucial to business survival and success today. He presents the context for developing an 'Information Agenda' as the basis for turning your organization into an information-enabled enterprise.
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To compete effectively in today's dynamic and challenging global economy, companies throughout the world recognize, like never before, the value of their information assets. Yet these companies continue to struggle with understanding how best to leverage and get the most value from this information. More than one-third of business leaders say that they have significant challenges accessing relevant information required to make better decisions. Smart companies need to formulate an intelligent and comprehensive approach to unlock the business value from their data.

This article describes the business imperatives driving the demand for a more comprehensive approach to information architecture. We'll also examine how leading organizations are achieving their business goals through the optimized use of Enterprise Information.

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