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Posting a Link to a Buzz Post

If you want to refer to some other Buzz post in your current Buzz post, you can do it by posting a link to that post.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Click the top text box in the Buzz window (this text box has the caption "Share what you're thinking. Post a picture, video, or other link here.").
  2. Enter the text of your post.
  3. Find the Buzz post to which you want to link.
  4. Click the Email link in the post to which you want to link. At the top of the text for the post in the email message box, you'll see the text Link to This Post, followed by an URL.
  5. Copy the URL.
  6. In the current post, click Link.
  7. Paste the URL into the box that opens.
  8. Click the Add Link button. Buzz identifies the poster of the post you are linking to and adds a caption to the link, indicating that it is buzz from that person.
  9. Click the Post button to post your message.

Linking to other Buzz posts can save a lot of copying and pasting when you want to refer to other posts from your own posts.

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