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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using Constants and Functions in Names

Instead of using a cell to store a constant value or function for use in a formula, you can create a name to store it and then use the name in a formula. If you wanted to calculate sales tax, for example, you could create a name called Sales Tax and assign it a constant value. You can also store text in a name. Instead of typing a long name, such as Environmental Protection Agency, you could create a name called EPA and then use the easy-to-type three letter abbreviation in a formula. When you use EPA in a formula as a text string, Excel replaces it with Environmental Protection Agency. It also works for functions and nested functions.

Use a Constant or Function in a Name

  • lightyellow_01.jpg Click the Formulas tab.
  • lightyellow_02.jpg Click the Define Name button.
  • lightyellow_03.jpg Type a name for the reference.
  • lightyellow_04.jpg Click the Scope list arrow, and then click Workbook or a specific worksheet.
  • lightyellow_05.jpg If you want, type a description of the name.

    The current selection appears in the Refers to box.

  • lightyellow_06.jpg In the Refers to box, type = (equal sign) followed by the constant, text, or function you want to use.

    =.0875, or =“Environmental Protection Agency”

  • lightyellow_07.jpg Click OK.
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