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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Adding Bookmarks and Highlights

Each time you launch iBooks, your iPad returns you to the page you were last reading. However, you might want to bookmark a favorite passage, a bit of key information, or a section you want to return to later.

  1. Go to a page in a book in iBooks.
  2. Tap a word, and hold your finger there until a magnifying glass appears.
  3. Release your finger and you see three choices: Dictionary, Bookmark, and Search.
  4. Drag the blue dots to enlarge the section of text highlighted. Choose a large enough section so that you can recognize what you bookmarked when it is out of context.
  5. Tap Bookmark.
  6. The text highlight now changes color. Tap the text again to see a set of choices that enables you to choose a different color.
  7. Tap a color, or tap Unbookmark to remove the bookmark. You can use different colors to represent different types of bookmarks. For instance, if you are bookmarking passages in a textbook, you could highlight important facts with one color, and points that you want to research in the future with another color.
  8. To see a list of bookmarks, tap the Table of Contents button.
  9. Tap Bookmarks and your list of bookmarks appears.
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