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Reading a Book on Your iPad

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Find out how to purchase books from the iBooks store and how to read them on your iPad.
This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Buying a Book from Apple

Reading a Book

Using Reading Aids

Adding Bookmarks and Highlights

Organizing Your Books

Using iBooks Alternatives

We finally have a better way to enjoy books. As an e-book reader, your iPad can give you access to novels and textbooks alike, storing hundreds inside, and allowing you to purchase more right from the device.

A single app, the iBooks app, allows you to both read and purchase new books. You can also download and add books from other sources.

Buying a Book from Apple

Although the iBooks app comes with a free sample book, you might want to purchase a book with the bookstore side of the iBooks app.

  1. Tap the iBooks app icon to launch iBooks.
  2. Tap the Store button to switch to the iBooks store.
  3. Tap one of the four arrows to scroll left and right through the featured books.
  4. Tap See All to go to a list of the featured books.
  5. Tap the Categories button to bring up a list of categories.
  6. Tap a category to go to a list of featured books in that category, or drag in the list to scroll up and down.
  7. Tap any book cover to view more information about the book.
  8. Tap the price next to a book to purchase it.
  9. The price button changes to Buy Book. Tap it again to continue with the purchase.
  10. Tap the Get Sample button to download a sample of the book.
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