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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Saving a Chart Template

A chart template file (.crtx) saves all the customization you made to a chart for use in other documents. You can save any chart in a document as a chart template file and use it to form the basis of your next document chart, which is useful for standard company financial reporting. Although you can store your template anywhere you want, you may find it handy to store it in the Templates/Charts folder that Microsoft Office uses to store its templates. If you store your design templates in the Templates/Charts folder, those templates appear as options when you insert or change a chart type using My Templates. When you create a new chart or want to change the chart type of an existing chart, you can apply a chart template instead of re-creating it.

Create a Custom Chart Template

  • yellow-circle1.jpg Click the chart you want to save as a template.
  • yellow-circle2.jpg Click the Design tab under Chart Tools.
  • yellow-circle3.jpg Click the Save As Template button.
  • yellow-circle4.jpg Make sure the Charts folder appears in the Save in box.

    Microsoft Office templates are typically stored in the following location:

    Windows 7 or Vista. C:/Users/your name/AppData/Microsoft/Roaming/Templates/Charts

    Windows XP. C:/Documents and Settings/your name/Application Data/Microsoft/Templates/Charts

  • yellow-circle5.jpg Type a name for the chart template.
  • yellow-circle6.jpg Click Save.
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